Origami rooster

Give yourself a challenge! Sit your little one down, keep this post handy and follow the steps. As they say, take it step-by-step and it will work out just fine. Have the little one press down the creases.

When you finish, the two of you will be crowing at your achievement. AND you’ll have a rooster handy to use as a prop when you read out Rooster Raga or dance to the song.

Thank you Vivaan Singh, creator of this tutorial, for your absolute brilliance. You are a star!

1: Start with a square. Fold it diagonally to make a crease.

2: Fold the corners inward to align edges along crease. Then flip it.

3: Fold paper so that the narrow edge meets the broader one.

4: Flip it again. Pull the pocket holding the edge and fold back as shown.

5: Hold the longer edges, pull apart and flatten it.

6: See the white line in the centre? Fold along so that both sides have small triangular flaps on either side.

7: Fold the right tip over to make a crease. Hold up and open from top to form a diamond. Hold the tip and gently push it up, folding as the tip goes up. This is called the ‘inside reverse fold’.

8: Fold down the tiny flaps and fold up the other tip.

9: Open the fold and using the crease make an inside reverse fold on the other edge too. Fold out the tiny triangles at base.

10: fold and open the tip as shown to form a crease line and then make an inside reverse fold.

11: Tricky part! Fold the tip again, open and make an outside reverse fold. I personally find that doing another inside reverse fold works just as well!

12: Now the head part: fold tip down, make crease and then inside reverse fold. In the last picture: fold the tip back up and open again for crease.

13: Do another inside reverse and then repeat it to form the beak.

14: Almost there … tail and head are ready! For the feet, fold in the tiny flaps and fold out from the bottom to form the feet.

KUKAROO KUROO! Time to give yourself a treat!