Natasha Sharma

I write stories for children.

Stories of the kind, I hope, will create little bubbles of laughter in your stomach, that rise up and come bursting forth as guffaws from your gob and as snorts from your snoot.

Stories for children of all kind – wiggly wormers, snotty snifflers, frowny facers, glum grumblers, cheerful cherubs, nerdy numbers, hysterical historians, fact finders, fiction fiends … any kind.

If you read, you can be any kind of a critter from the list, but one thing is certain: you are marvellous! Readers are marvellous creatures. No doubt about it. Since you are at an author’s site, I have a sneaky feeling that you like books. So, whatever-kind-of-critter or parent-of-critter you are – thank you for looking me up!

My writing spans picture books, early readers and middle grade books. The characters whizzing above are a few from within the pages of my books.

If you would like to know what got me writing, where I live and other such information, read more on the About Me page.

Recent releases!

Razia front cover  Squiggle Take a Walk low res  Raja Raja and the Swapped Sacks   Anaya's Thumb cover

 Squiggle Takes A Walk in Flipkart’s Best of 2014 Children’s Books

Raja Raja and the Swapped Sacks in Flipkart’s Best of 2014 Children’s Books


Bonkers with Crystal kite   pkca_winner1 2015 PKCA 2015 rivokids award IYM  rivokids award Akbar

SCBWI Crystal Kite Award 2014 for Asia and Middle East for the book Bonkers!

First place in Rivo Kids Parent and Kids Choice Award (PKCA) 2015, 0-5 years for Rooster Raga.

Runner-up in Rivo Kids Parent and Kids Choice Award (PKCA) 2015, 5-10 years for Squiggle Takes A Walk.

Voted to Top 3 in Rivo Kids Hindustan Times PKCA 2014, 0-5 years and 5-10 years categories for Icky, Yucky, Mucky and Akbar and the Tricky Traitor

Just Out! Razia and the Pesky Presents

A band of forty men, the Delhi Sultanate’s one and only female Sultan and a bunch of pesky presents. Mayhem and madness ensue!

My recent blog posts

Superglued fingers, travel and a new season of MasterChef Australia; reasons for hitting pause on my writing.

Summer break begins in ten days. The kids’ school calendar for these last few days looks ready to burst, packed as it is with project submissions, PTMs, book-day preparations and global perspectives day amongst others. I have glue in my hair, superglued fingers and am snipping paper in my sleep. There’s the travel planning, packing and repacking […]

Post Manuscript Syndrome and other joys of writing

Post Manuscript Syndrome: Symptoms include twitchy fingers, hand cramps, sleepless nights (nightmares of piles of rejection letters), glazed eyes as you await a revert, fleeting smiles to convince yourself and others that all is well in your world (other than the fact that months of thinking, writing and rewriting now hangs in the balance), acidity and a desire […]

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