By Natasha Sharma

The definitive book on Delhi for children of all ages!

This book features Delhi’s landmarks and parks, festivals, places of worship, places of learning, the mouth watering food, history, interesting facts and so much more. With fascinating nuggets of information on each subject, it is a book that is for anyone above the age of 3 years.

For the really young, the books offers a chance to learn a word a day for a whole year. The words are a mix of those unique to life in India’s national capital as well as everyday words. For a child above the age of 6 years, this book helps identify and learn about places and experiences through visuals and descriptions on each page.

Richly illustrated by Priya Kurian, here’s your chance to learn some Punjabi too and navigate through a fun but factual map of the city.

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Publisher: FunOKPlease (2012)

ISBN: 978-93-5049-253-6

“The book begins with a How to use guide for parents. I like that it gives different methods of introducing the book to both younger and older kids. The table of contents is neatly divided into various categories. The book then proceeds with a map of Delhi with famous areas highlighted. My daughter was tickled to trace our journey from the Delhi to Gurgaon.

The book goes on to give detailed and amazing facts about Delhi and its culture. For example, did you know that Delhi was a walled city with fourteen gates and of which 5 are still present? Also Delhi is in the top 10 of Asia’s greenest cities? (Jaw dropping right!!) or that it was named after a Mauryan king Dhillu?”

The Mom Views

“An expertly compiled and edited book guaranteed to keep children of all ages engrossed. Each chapter shines with knowledge imparted through colourful and beautiful illustrations. The book lends knowledge on the smallest of details like parandi, laburnum, toran which I bet leave alone children many adults would also not know.

Relive the excitement of Delhi, with amazing fact files, colourful illustrations and amazing vocabulary. It touches all aspects of Delhi its history, culture, places to visit albeit in an interesting & vivid manner.

A must have for everyone living in and around Delhi. A-Z child centric book which an adult also cannot resist reading. Reading has never been so much fun!”

Ms Ranjana Dev, MA (Economics) B.Ed, DPS

“A ‘treasure trove of words’ is how I would like to describe this book. The author lives up to her word of describing Delhi in 366 words. A wonderful concept which teaches the children about the landmarks, historical places, festivities, places of worship and most importantly about Indian food. It weaves together all the aspects that make this city what it is today.
It draws out the essence of the much said saying ‘Dilwalo ki dilli.”

Rachna Vohra, M.A (psychology) B.Ed, Presently working as Primary teacher at D.P S Sushant Lok