Amongst Top 3 in RivoKids Parent and Kids Choice Award

Have you read a History Mystery yet?

Akbar approves!

“For all those who think history is boring,

read this and change your view” – Indian Moms Connect  

Akbar caught sneaking a peak into his book!

“The story, which snakes its way through the foolish Super Six’s investigations, captures the mood of the royal era.” – GoodBooks

Voted to the Top 3 in the RivoKids Parents and Kids Choice Award 2014 (5-10 years).

The mighty Mughal emperor Akbar is angry for someone is leaking secrets of his court to his enemies.

What’s worse his enemies are now laughing at Akbar.

Who can help the emperor solve this mystery?

History Mystery is just that – a mystery set in history! Mysteries that you’ll never find in history. Loaded with humour, they are sure to have you gasping, for facts are often as surprising as fiction. 

Did Akbar like to watch spiders fight?

Did he climb on an elephant using the tusk as a step? 

Did he train leopards and cheetahs?

Find out as you follow the mystery in Akbar and the Tricky Traitor!


Publisher: Duckbill Books (2014)

ISBN: 978-93-83331-11-6

Language: English

Rs. 175

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What I liked about the book

1. The fact that King Akbar has someone else apart from Birbal to solve mysteries :)

2. The story line, which left me totally admiring the author’s imagination

3. The detailing in the book. How the King actually went for a hunt, the food the King ate (which left me hungry :) ) and the actual description of incidents with the super six which made me laugh aloud

4. The illustrations are apt and not over the top.

5. The simple English which makes it easy to read without compromising on the language.

Indian Moms Connect

The story, which snakes its way through the foolish Super Six’s investigations, captures the mood of the royal era.

The language is simple and suitable for younger readers. The story moves at a good pace and takes you right into the scene with its descriptions of sounds and other details. The skill of the author along with the familiarity factor with Akbar and his times doesn’t make the information forced…

Good Books

Join Akbar and Ashoka for an introduction to the History Mystery series