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“What we absolutely loved about the book was the brief, simple facts about the king given at the back , a page in the end for ‘My hysterical History notes’ … Must read for the younger raccoons…” – The Reading Raccoons

Ashoka's Tremendous Ten ... HAAYAAA! HOOOYAAA! HEEYAAA!

Fact: Mauryan kings like Ashoka were advised to have female bodyguards.

Much mystery and mayhem!

“‘NoOOooOOoo snNAakKes! There us nothing around your feet!’ screeched Ashoka, now hopping mad.  Except that he couldn’t really hop while being held horizontal up in the air.” -From Ashoka and the Muddled Messages

Ashoka and the Muddled Messages

The great Mauryan emperor Ashoka is furious. Someone is messing with the messages he wants inscribed on rocks and pillars.

What’s worse, the messages are now the opposite of what Ashoka wants to say.

Who can help the emperor solve this mystery?

A History Mystery is just that – a mystery set in history! Mysteries that you’ll never find in history. Loaded with humour, they are sure to have you gasping, for facts are often as surprising as fiction. 

Do you think Madhuparka is a dress or a drink from Mauryan times?

Did the Mauryans colour their beards red, green and purple?

Were peacocks a delicacy on the table of a Mauryan king?

Find out as you follow the mystery in Ashoka and the Muddled Messages!


Publisher: Duckbill Books (2014)

ISBN: 978-93-83331-11-6

Language: English

Rs. 175

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We've put Ashoka's messages into code. AND we've given you the key. Get cracking and become a real historian!

“The book is a delight to read and dwells on historical facts combining fact with fiction. The book manages to hold you right from the start to the end, and you want to find out who exactly is doing this to the king.

What we liked about the book

1. The combination of fact with fiction and the small note which the author gives at the end of the book telling us more about the facts of the Mauryan king 2. The descriptions. Natasha Sharma has a way with words 3. The imagination of the author seems astounding. She has weaved the story so well around the facts, that I almost believed this would have happened 4. I didn’t know that in olden days kings prefered female guards. It’s really heartening to learn such facts which burst gender stereotypes 5. The way the mystery is solved, awesome 6. The great illustrations which are just apt for the book 7. The subtle sense of humor in almost every line. The book is funny without going overboard”

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“History is much more than dates and events. It is an uninterrupted, captivating story. And yet, it was one of the dullest subjects during our schooling. Much later we realized that it could’ve been the most absorbing one.

That’s what Natasha Sharma achieves in this History Mystery book – Ashoka and the Muddled Messages – bring fascination into what children avoid as mundane.”

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“The story itself is high on the readability and fun quotient. There’s a liberal dose of slapstick humor. Sure to be a hit with young readers.

The seven-year-old in these parts now talks of Ujjaini and Dakshinapatha with great familiarity. He also utters the war cry of the Tremendous Ten – Haaayyaaa, Hoooyyaaa, Heeeyyaaa!”

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Join Akbar and Ashoka for an introduction to the History Mystery series