Biji’s In The Kitchen

By Natasha Sharma

Slimy Bhindi curry, anyone? 

Biji is freestyle and fun. She can ride a bike, come up with the wierdest food mish-mashes.

But when she is in the kitchen, everyone, beware! 

With illustrations by Sonal Gupta that bring alive the city of Amritsar, this is one book you don’t want to miss! 

Part of Duckbill’s Hook Book series for early readers. 


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Duckbill Books by Penguin Random House India (2023)

ISBN: 978-0-143-46158-6

“The story is so charming and Biji is a loveable character with a fabulous never-give-up-attitude. The fantastic illustrations by Sonal Gupta really bring the story and its characters alive.” 

Lightroom Bookstore, Bangalore

This BIJI is totally badass! Love that she teachers her grandkids that steretypes are meant to be broken (not all women can cook well, women CAN ride motorbikes and so many more!). So much to take away from this book for kids. Fab writing by Natasha Sharma and the cutest illustrations by Sonal Gupta (Matchbox girl on insta).

Namrata Sadhvani

Blogger @Namratabs

This was a fun and comfy read, if your kid is 5 or above, I highly recommend this book. Reading this book makes you laugh out loud and happy. 

…Biji is so many things- taking kids vrooming on a motorcycle to a pakora shop, to finding her way on a narrow street in the old part of town, taking part in the freedome movement to free the country from the Britishers – but Biji’s freestyle and fun cooking is hard to devour by anyone! 

Saumya @prettypaperback

Bookstagram and Blogger