By Natasha Sharma

Featured in Flipkart’s Best Children’s Books of 2014

Squiggle is confused. She doesn’t know quite what she is! So she sets off through the pages of a notebook in search of answers.

Is she a comma or colon? A question mark? Surely not an exclamation!

Splash, run, bump, trip and swing with her until she finds her own kind. The book’s delightful text introduces young readers to the correct way to use punctuation in this deliciously comic tale.

It also includes a section with pointers on punctuation, interesting facts from history and mayhem brought about by incorrect punctuation. Once you’re through with Squiggle, you’ll never misplace that comma again!

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Publisher: Young Zubaan/Penguin (2014)

ISBN: 9789383074013

Squiggles Gets Stuck - all about muddled sentences


By Natasha Sharma

Featured in Amazon’s Memorable Books of 2016 list

Squiggle’s stuck! She’s fallen into a dictionary and can’t escape.

The only way out is to create a grammatically correct sentence and use it to jump off the page.

She’d even got to rescue an very mixed-up character called Doodle Dude while helping him learn about verbs, nouns, prepositions and more such.

Can you help them build a getaway sentence?

This new adventure follows on from Natasha’s highly acclaimed Squiggle Takes A Walk, the best way to figure out the world of punctuation.


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Young Zubaan/ Penguin Randomhouse

ISBN: 978-93-847-5796-0

“Squiggle takes a walk is one of those miracle books that make grammar so much fun… this one is a keeper.” “I was actually giggling like a 6 year old with pigtails as I was reading this.”
Blueberry and me

“If I were ever to learn punctuations in school all over again, THIS is the book I would love to use.” “Who would have thought that punctuations can be so interesting and can actually be a part of a story. This is how punctuations should be taught to children in school and I will bet, no kid will ever make a mistake with punctuations ever.”
Indian Moms Connect

‘Three cheers for having used the familiar plot of “a character on a quest” in a tangential theme of teaching the use of punctuations. Thinking out of the box!’


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