Vikram and the Vampire Natasha Sharma
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By Natasha Sharma

A vampire piggybacking on a king’s back while spinning stories and riddles!

Poor King Vikram! Tasked by the sorcerer Shaitanish to bring him a corpse, he finds that a vampire named Betal has taken residence in it. He’ll come along only if King Vikram lends a willing ear to a series of riddling tales.

There’s the one about the world’s most sensitive ladies: Queens Touchmenot, Itsratherhot and Oohmyhead. 

There’s the tale of the four foolish brothers Nin, Com, Poo and Oops.

Each tale is crazier, funnier, madder than the last, and even if King Vikram doesn’t enjoy the journey – you sure will!

The story of Vikram and Betal is over a thousand years old. This much-loved traditional tale is here brought to life for today’s young readers, accompanied by Priya Kuriyan’s fabulous illustrations.

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Publisher: Young Zubaan (2015)

ISBN: 978-93-84757-64-9

“With a brilliant sense of humor Natasha Sharma spins fantastic tales in Vikram and the Vampire. I consider Natasha Sharma to be one of the best contemporary children’s authors in India. She has sharp wit, a deft hand, and the ability to convert old stories into completely fresh new ones.

Highly recommend this book!”

Good Book Corner

This treat of a book begins with an unusual hook: “The question that foxes me is: How does one deliver a vampire?….You could courier the vampire…..What if it rears up and bites the delivery guy?”

What is really good to know for the grown ups who buy this book, is that the women and girls in these stories are feisty and independent thinkers, who make their own choices and are quite capable of fending for themselves whether it’s trekking through a dark forest dealing with robbers or dealing with troublesome suitors. I’d buy the book just for this very welcome modern touch!

Yet the ancient wisdom and Indian feel of the stories remain unspoilt, which is quite a feat.

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