Hi everyone,

This is my first post on my blog…though I have been blogging rather religiously on my Icky, Yucky, Mucky book blog.

2012 has been exciting to say the least with the release of my first two books for young children – Icky, Yucky, Mucky (Young Zubaan) and Kaka and Munni (Pratham Books).

This blog is a space where I look forward to sharing my experiences in the wonderful world of children’s literature. For parents and teachers, you can find out more about my published books, follow new releases of books written or illustrated by me, and get to know my reading schedule for children. I also plan to add links to children’s book reviews, reading programs and to other resources for children’s literature, whenever I come across something wonderful. I’ve discovered gems of books for my own children and I hope that it will help you discover and decide what your own children would like to read.

For aspiring writers in India for children’s books, I will, not too far in the future, share my experiences and thoughts on how I went about getting published. Every persons journey is unique but I do hope that some of my experiences will give you ideas on what could help you find your way forward.

And for the most important group, all you lovely children wide-eyed in wonder, heads buzzing with endless possibilities, the section on my books would be an interesting space to browse through with your parents. You can view book trailers, find links to other fun blogs, discover ideas for activities around my books and so much more.

Stay connected, visit often and drop in your email id if you’d like to get updates on my posts.