I am looking forward to my copy of Bonkers! – a Duckbill hOle book coming to bookstores this October. It’s printed and already on its way to bookstores!

There’s also Rooster Raga in the making at Tulika books and that should be in bookstores this October as well.

All this talk on making and brewing has me itching to whip up a batch of cupcakes. I have also in recent times realised that the amount of baking I do is correlated to my writing.

These are just a few of my usual reasons for baking when I am trying to focus on writing. A submission deadline takes the baking frenzy to an all new level:

  • My kids look starved and uncared for and the only thing in the world that can fix that is a batch of brownies.
  • I really must try that new recipe.
  • My lovely ingredients are going past expiry date so I must use them up.
  • My neighbour has been hounding me for a batch of cupcakes. I really must oblige.
  • Neighbourhood kids want a bake out session. Someone’s got to do it!
  • The oven is getting rusty since it’s not been used for two whole days.
  • I need a break – yes, that’s sometimes the case.
  • I need the smell of freshly baked goodies to kick start my thinking.
  • I need to clear my head.
  • Its a celebration!
  • I just need to bake!